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These icy formations have many names: frost flowers, ice flowers, ice ribbons and rabbit ice to name a few. These formations are truly exceptional in every way as this collection of macro photography reveals. David Boesch has spent a decade capturing these delicate creations, amassing arguably the most extensive collection of frost flower formations compiled in the state of Missouri. Many of the images in this gallery have been featured in a showcased exhibit at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

What is this?

Only a handful of plant species consistently produce these formations which have been documented in science journals dating as far back as 1833 in England. When conditions are perfect, water within the stalk of the plant is extruded in sub-freezing conditions, turning into ice as it exits the stalk. The extrusions twist and turn, producing incredibly ornate shapes that melt as soon as air temperatures rise above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, the window of opportunity to shoot pictures of these frozen displays is anywhere between daybreak and meltdown. The first frost produces the most prolific display, but also the shortest window in which to capture images.

Blue vs pink

Some have inquired about the variations in color. Images with a blue hue were captured early morning reflecting the dark blue Western sky above. Those with reddish to yellow hues were captured in direct sunlight.

Macro revelations

The remarkable intricacies of these ice-based subjects are best appreciated at the larger possible print sizes. To order a specific image, hover your cursor over the upper left corner of the photograph and select the size you prefer.

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